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We are modern day architects and builders driven to gather mission critical data turning it into actionable insights. Our researchers, developers and designers will work with you to use “best in class” tools to harness the power of the Internet for your organization.

Our Team

Industrial Smart operates as two divisions in tandem, technical development and commercial development.

Technical Development

Dipesh Karki leads the technical development team as the CTO. This team includes talent and management in the following areas:

  • Communication technologies development including Cellular, WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet
  • Electrical design and engineering including circuit board design, firmware development, power management, UL listing
  • Mechanical design and engineering including 3D modeling, prototyping, 3D printing, FMEA testing, packaging design, field installation
  • Software development including Database, Mobile App, Web App, AI, encryption
  • Global technical team uses state of the art collaboration tools like Atlassian, Slack, GIT repositories, GSuite, etc.

Commercial Development

Troy Schmidtke leads the commercial development team as the CEO. This team includes talent and management systems in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning and overall program management
  • Marketing groundwork and analysis via vertical round tables, trade shows, customer interface
  • Missionary sales work, inside sales support, and warranty
  • Financial planning, day to day administration, projections, fund raising and legal
  • Manufacturing, procurement, shipping and receiving and human resources

Industrial Smart is an incubator for the creation of IOT businesses including its first spin off – EarthScout.Check out our case study below.

Case Study

EarthScout® IoT Agriculture Sensor

EarthScout® is a revolutionary technology for measuring real-time growing conditions, 24/7—above and below the ground. Our easy-to-install sensors capture multiple data points – in the soil and within the local growing environment – giving you up-to-the minute field information between zones. Data is wirelessly communicated back to your smartphone or desktop computer through an intuitive interface.

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